Studentcare infotech is a comprehensive Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Student Analysis System.

No Monthly Rent
No Yearly Maintance
Unlimited Space
Friendly User
SMS with your Institute name
No Extra Cost on Festivals
Single Click SMS Delivary to Thousand of Numbers
24 X 7 Support

Computerized School Activities

Studentcare infotech computerizes day to day activities of the School / College viz.

  • Student Management
  • Fee Management
  • Comparative and Relative Analysis
  • Class/Section Management
  • Library Management
  • Fee payments and due remainders
  • Attendance Management
  • Group Management
  • Special Events and Reminders
  • Examination Management
  • Graphic/Dynamic Performance Analysis
  • Alumni matters

A gentle to use interface and a well defined architecture to support any kind of functionality needed on the fly makes Studentcare infotech a class apart for the masses.

Communicate Everything

Studentcare infotech can communicate each and everything automatically to the parents about their child’s status at school / College.

Some example status updates

Information on Conduct Daily Routine Information Examination Fee related Information
Absent to school Home Work Exam Time Fee due reminders
Being late to School Special Class Information Exam Schedule Fee payment notification
Home Work Holiday Information Exam Syllabus/Exam Time Late payment alert
Admission Time Special Occasions Monthly Status Hostel related Information
Promotions to Parents Competitions Progress Report Health checkup results
School Results Parent’s meet Attendance Summary Weekly status update
Reopen Date Special events